About the Testing

The levels of the test

■ The Third grade: The basic skills for SAORI hand weaving
■ The Second grade: The general skills for SAORI hand weaving including warping skills etc.
■ The First grade: All the skills for SAORI hand weaving, spinning and dyeing.
■ The A- grade: Special skills related to how to use the accessories for accessibility.

Many people with different abilities are enjoying hand weaving at various facilities for senior people and people with handicaps. When you teach hand weaving at such facilities, you need to know how to use the various accessories that are necessary for the people with different abilities to enjoy hand weaving. A- grade test was founded for those who would like to work as an instructor to teach the people with different abilities. You need to begin with the third grade and goes up to the second and to the first in order. However you can take A-grade anytime.

Efficient skills and techniques continue to change every day, as many new tools and materials are developed. We also receive feedback from the weavers all over the world, so we come up with many new skills or techniques.

By making the new skills and techniques available to the public at large through the Test for Hand Weaving Skills, we would like to spread the hand weaving in which people can express the true sense of creativity. We would like to contribute to the weavers all over the world by spreading the creative weaving.


1st grade and 2nd grade testing are currently under the process of revision and re-construction. The testing for these two grades are not available as of January, 2016.

3rd and A grade testing are available as prescribed on this website as of January, 2016.


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