Third Grade

The Third Grade – Points to be tested (Subject to change)

1. Basics of how to use a hand weaving loom

1) Names of the parts of the loom, and their functions
2) How to fold/unfold a SAORI SX60 loom

2. Basics of how to weave

1) How to wind bobbins
2) How to set a bobbin into a boat shuttle
3) How to hold and move a boat shuttle
4) How to switch the pedals
5) How to use a reed
6) How to adjust the shape of the selvages by changing the timing of switching the pedals
7) How to wind the woven cloth
8) How to re-wind the woven cloth after winding the woven cloth too much
9) What to do when a warp thread breaks
10) How to wind the long woven cloth
11) How to adjust the uneven end of the long woven cloth re-wound

3. How to use ready-made warps

1) How to set ready-made warps
2) How to thread the ready-made warps
3) How to set up the ready-made warps after threading
4) How to set the wires for the warp control pedal/lever
5) How to set up the pedals and how to fix the mistake of threading the warp
6) How to set the clipping tie rods.
7) How to treat the warp threads being one round behind.
8) How to treat the warp threads advancing too much
9) How to extend the last part of the ready-made warp threads.
10) How to set the plastic tubes onto the cords for a tying rod
11) How to set the cords onto the paper pipe as an extension tool for warp threads.

4. How to weave with a variation of weft threads – Part 1

1) Adding the wool or thrum into the weft
2) Turned lock
3) Two colour interlock ( double horizontal threads )
4) Float weaving
5) Making fringes at the selvages
6) Looping
7) Use heavy threads as the weft

5. Finishing of woven cloth – Part 1

1) How to wash the cloth
2) How to iron the washed cloth
3) How to make fringes