About Us

The objectives of the Test for the SAORI Hand Weaving Skills

We founded the test for SAORI Hand Weaving Skills in order to spread hand weaving as an art form to express our true sense of creativity.


We believe hand weaving is worthy to do only when we can express our true sense of creativity, which each of us naturally possess. In that sense, hand weaving must be easy to do.

All the skills or techniques are to help people. The skills or techniques are meaningful only when people can make full use of them. In that sense, the skills or techniques must be simple enough that people can make full use of them.

misaoOne of the important teaching methods in creative weaving (which is well known as SAORI Weaving) is “Do not teach people, but observe and inspire them until their hidden creativity comes out in their weaving”. Many people stick to the literary meaning of “Do not teach”, and misunderstand that instructors should teach “nothing” in the creative weaving.  The method not to teach is important only when the expression of creativity is concerned, it does not mean that the instructor must not teach the skills or techniques to make hand weaving easy.

Rather, the reasonable and efficient skills or techniques are the treasure that should be shared. It is our goal to share this treasure with everyone whenever we have the progress and invention of new skills or techniques.

Misao Jo, the founder of SAORI Weaving, the hand weaving program advocating the importance of expressing true sense of creativity in hand weaving, insisted in her book “My Revolution” published 30 years ago as follows.

“I would like to take liberty of saying that I would like to change women’s attitude.  I would like them to ask themselves: What should I do for my life?  Will I have any regrets in the end of life?  Am I taking every chance that I have?  You do not know if you fail or not until you actually do it.  I was one of them.  My friends must have thought that I would fail.  Everyone thought I would fail.  But I am doing it well.  Isn’t it right?  Why?  This is because I am making full use of the true self I have.  The new thing which needs to be taught is how to do it.  The most important thing is to make full use of true selves.”