How to apply for and take a test (for people outside Japan)kanjilogo

1) Get the information about the test
Get the information on the official website or ask for the information about the test to the association.

2) Learn the techniques/skills at the workshop prescribed by the association.

*At this point, the workshop for English-speaking people is available by appointment, at the Saori-no-mori, Osaka, Japan, only.
*The fees for the workshop will be informed separately to the applicant.

3) Decide the test date and place
*At this point, you can take the test only at the Saori-no-mori, Japan.
*The test is available by appointment.
*We recommend you take the test right after the workshop.

4) Payment of the testing fee
Third grade: JPY5,000, Second grade: JPY 10,000, First grade: JPY20,000, A-grade: JPY5,000

5) Take the test
Duration of the test
Third grade: 1 hour, Second grade: 2 hours, First grade: 5 hours, A-grade: 30 minutes

6) Announcement of the results and follow-up workshop
Results will be announced right after the test. Then follow-up workshop will be made to correct the mistakes made during the test. The goal of this test is that you completely master all the skills covered by each test.

7) Registration
The successful applicant will receive the certificate in a frame free of charge. The certificate has Japanese and English translation. The successful applicant will be automatically registered as a Club member for one year, and can receive the newsletters of the year for free.