Why Skills?

Why do we need skills? In traditional weaving, all the labor is divided into many workers, and each worker must have mastered advanced artisan skills. These skills are definite and always the same among many artisans.

On the contrary, in the hand weaving as hobby, each weaver has different skills. The skills taught at local studios are different among teachers. Those who weave as hobby have to do all the work alone. But they spend much less time in weaving compared to the professionals. So they forget the proper way, and repeat doing it in the wrong way without noticing it. They eventually trust their way is the best way, after getting used to it, though there is a much better way.

Skills or techniques are “the efficient way to save time and labor”. But you tend not to improve your way when you are already used to it, even if there is much better way. If you are an instructor, your less efficient way will be copied by students.

Those who learn hand weaving for the first time should master the most efficient and easiest way. They should get used to the best way. If you can simplify your work with the skills or techniques you mastered, you can dedicate your remaining energy and time to the creative work to express your true self in weaving.

For the above reason, we collected all the information about hand weaving skills or techniques from experienced instructors. We integrated the most efficient and easiest skills or techniques for hand weaving, including the SAORI Weaving, based on the information we collected. Then we decided to found the Test for Hand Weaving Skills so that we can share it with the public at large.

Hand weaving has become very popular and many people are interested in the creative hand weaving such as SAORI Weaving. This is the time we need to make the standardized hand weaving skills and make it available to everybody.

We dedicate these skills to everyone who loves hand weaving and SAORI.